Step in Construction Project Management

Each footstep contributes to achieve project goal in the construction project management. The goal of every owner and subcontractor is to make or complete their project on schedule and within budget. For a successful subcontractor, he knows very well or understands the method of construction. The process of construction project management contains an effective time management and the management of lots of activities. The subcontractor is not only liable for managing its activities additionally he also liable for acts of other contractors under its administration.

project management tools

project management tools

To get a successful project result there is a need of devotion and commitment from every team member. Every footstep in the process plays an important role in the project. If you want to manage a project effectively and with perfection you need to follow a four step process.

  • Create a project framework

  • Build-up a project plan (Scheduling)

  • Observation and Surveillance of the project plan (Monitoring)

  • Manage modification of the plan (Control)

Create a project framework –

First footstep in effectively managing a construction project is creating a project framework for implementing the tasks. In a construction project all small or big stages are very important to be identified, as they are all essential to complete the activity. Also, this process includes a schedule and cost management for every stage. All construction jobs must be identified and allocated to subcontractor, it is also important to recognize what is going to happen in the area of operation and what relevant tasks are not scheduled in a particular workspace. In this phase project price should be set by using various methods. Also in this phase, availability of equipment, material, labor and other construction tools must be planned carefully. If all stages of the project have been identified the project plan can be built.

Build-up the project plan (Scheduling)

The second step in effectively managing a construction project is building the project plan. The accurate project plan of the job activity is a very difficult feature of the construction management process. The project plan not only describes the job by activities, in fact it also involves contractors to identify what activities must be executed and when. In a successful construction project, the project plan turns into the project roadmap so that all contractors can evaluate and decide when their own work will be in the pipeline.

Observation and Surveillance of the project plan –

The third step in effectively managing a construction project is an observation and surveillance of the project plan. Project growth depends on scheduling, the subcontractor is liable to make sure the schedule is actively updated. After fixing the frequency of schedule updates, the prime contractor will direct all team members for updating their job activities. By updating information, if any of the tasks or assignments are not included in the schedule, they will be identified and the necessary actions will be taken accordingly. 

Manage modification of plan –

The fourth step in effectively managing a construction project is managing modifications of the plan, those certainly arise in the project. Every change in the scheduling must be shared with all team members of the project. It must be recognized that the project finish date should not be changed by modifying schedule. If the project finish date is modified and it cannot be avoided then schedule expansion is necessary. 

For a successful construction project, it is very necessary to include above four steps in project management. Without a proper and complete project framework, project plan, surveillance of project schedule and power of managing modification of plan, the project cannot achieve their goal.



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