Gameplan : Construction Transmittal

Construction Transmittal

If your construction company does any commercial construction projects, you may know about the need for using transmittals.

A construction transmittal is a form used for sending any information between two parties to a construction deal. This transmittal assists with each party in keeping track of the dates when construction materials are delivered and received.

Gameplan gives  the records not only of the transmittal documentation but also of the transmitted attachments to all parties , and also to be able to demonstrate the dates the transmittal documents  were despatched or received.

There are two important reasons to use construction transmittals:

  • One is as a means of keeping track of the communications sent and received between the parties involved in a construction project .
  •  The other is to maintain a record of all communications sent and received in case it is necessary to refer to that record for any reason, such as legal disputes or liability.

Gameplan Transmittal

Construction Transmittal is a formal process used by Engineering and Construction Companies to transmit Drawings to other Engineers, Sub-contractors, Vendors and Fabricators. The sender of a Drawing Transmittal in Gameplan  provide a reason for sending the drawings, a special message and a date by which a response is required. GamePlan construction transmittal  Documents is designed to exclusively serve construction project document control requirements.

Gameplan  for Engineering and Construction has excellent built-in process support for document management in technical projects. The solution is designed to ensure quality control in processes for creation, review and approval of internally produced documentation, as well as processes for handling of receipts, return of documents to the supplier and transmission to the customer.

Gameplan  is a very poular software package used to make the function of Drawing Transmittal very easy. Gameplan Construction Transmittal Log allows a complete list of a project’s transmittals to be viewed in a clear, organized format. Transmittal lists can be quickly searched for key terms, so that long lists can be scanned for the needed documentation in few seconds .

By using effective Drawing Gameplan Construction Transmittal  system it is possible to reduce mistakes associated with working with superseded drawings. This reduces costs and possible extensions of time on the project.

With GamePlan, you can encourage people to collaborate and coordinate and not worry of tracking documentation and knowledge transfer. GamePlan tracks and documents everything for you. The process setup on GamePlan will make learning faster.

With Gameplan  for Engineering and Construction, you improve your business results through reduced business risks and  better support for your various processes.

GamePlan Field and Reporting Facility

GamePlan Field is designed to make drawings and specifications available for construction team and to create field reports, issues, punch lists, commissioning items, quality control checklists.

GamePlan provides a comprehensive reporting tool that helps you generate the project performance, forecast and other reports easily. GamePlan also helps you generate pre formatted PDF files that you can easily share with your team and post on job sites.

We believe that Information in visual form is anytime better than tables and spreadsheets. So, we built visuals for you that make data and process visualization easier. GamePlan screens can be shared on job sites and offices to make full use of the information available to team.

GamePlan Construction Transmittal

Top Features

1. Daily reporting from anywhere, anytime

2. Issue Management

3. Punch list management

4. Progress photo reporting

5. Checklists for safety and quality control

Top Benefits

1. Improved office and field coordination

2. Real time progress updates from field

3. Real time problem solving

4. More working and less time searching for documents and information

Angela West is a public relations executive for GamePlan. GamePlan develops, sells and supports Construction field  management software for architecture, engineering and Construction Software firms worldwide. GamePlan is the first industry-focused and integrated solution providing a lean principle based construction management solution that supports Last Planner™ System and Just-in-Time delivery. For more information about GamePlan, visit,  or phone (+1) 979-209-0335.


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